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Heitmann and associates, building enclosure consultants
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There are many groups who have an interest in building enclosure issues. Heitmann & Associates, Inc. adjusts and tailors its services to meet the specific needs of each group.

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Because of Heitmann & Associates, Inc's focus on enclosures, we know the strength and weaknesses of the standardized building systems or how to develop custom solutions. During design, we can recommend approaches that will help achieve the optimum tradeoff between visual impact, cost and enclosure performance. Basic services include:

  • Review of design intent and recommendation of system concepts.
  • Provide performance specifications.
  • Assist with developing drawing details.
  • Aid with bidding and negotiations.
  • Review mock-up submittals and observe testing.
  • Review of product data and shop drawings.
  • Provide field and in-plant inspections and field water testing.

Can it be built? Will it be weather tight? How fast can it be done? These are some of the key questions that concern GCs and CMs as they look at the building enclosure. We work quickly to resolve issues and assure solid subcontractor performance during construction of wall and glazing systems.

HAI can make recommendations to adjust the design, review bidding for technical compliance, review submittals, and observe field activities to assure proper enclosure installation. When HAI is involved, many of our contractor clients see dramatic reductions in callbacks and problems.

As General Contractors and Construction Managers take projects At-Risk or through Design-Build, they are looking for ways to limit their liability. Heitmann & Associates, Inc. have developed a suite of services that do exactly that. Through our peer reviews of the design and subcontractor submittals, we can virtually eliminate enclosure built-in flaws, defects and omissions with emphasis on water infiltration, system performance and system interface issues.

Achieving maximum performance at minimum cost is always a prime requirement for a successful project. By using performance specifications versus product specific proprietary specifications, Heitmann & Associates, Inc. adds value to the project by assuring the maximum competitive response and lowest possible pricing.

When investing in an existing building, our investigations and due diligence services can identify issues that should be considered before large investments are made.

You have tried to fix it yourself and it still leaks. Heitmann & Associates, Inc. can conduct inspections and tests to determine the cause of the problem. We will then work with you to develop the most effective and economical approach to fix the issue. The recommendations offered are aimed at a long-term solution rather than short-term fix. If additional help is needed, HAI can prepare bidding documents and observe the repairs to make sure they get the job done correctly.

Heitmann & Associates, Inc. provides a full range of services to the cladding system subcontractor. Using recent versions of AutoCad, we can prepare and print drawing sets or using the internet we can transmit drawings electronically. Specific services include:

  • Development of the concept design and structural calculations for bid (tender) purposes.
  • Development of the cladding system design.
  • Preparation of die drawings, part drawings and shop drawings for the mock-up and project cladding systems.
  • Preparation of structural calculations for the mock-up and project cladding systems.
  • Technical assistance during the bidding process.
  • Technical assistance with the fabrication and assembly process.
  • On-site technical assistance with the cladding system installation.

When building enclosures fail or do not perform as anticipated, Heitmann & Associates, Inc. can provide an unbiased and independent expert opinion and or provide information and testimony relevant for litigation. Our staff has over 400 years of diversified curtain wall and building cladding experience. Prior to their tenure with Heitmann & Associates,Inc., many of our key staff individuals have work experience with curtain wall manufacturers, domestic and international government building departments, civil engineering firms, and as university instructors. These key individuals provide investigations, depositions and expert witness testimony on a regular basis.

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