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In 1966, Heitmann & Associates, Inc. started assisting architects in developing more effective custom curtain wall designs. Since then, we have developed a full palette of services covering just about any wall type and material used in commercial enclosure construction. Working with owners, architects, general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, insurance companies or attorneys, HAI's services cover a wide range of enclosure issues.

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There are a number of ways a new construction project can get off track relative to the building enclosure. Since Heitmann & Associates, Inc. total focus is on the building enclosure, we apply our experience and expertise to each phase of the design and construction process to make sure all the issues are being handled properly. We provide timely information to support the design and construction process and integrate our services to effectively support the design and construction team. Generally, the services include:

  • Review of design intent and system concepts.
  • Provide performance specifications.
  • Assist with developing details.
  • Assist with bidding and negotiations.
  • Review mock-up submittals and observe testing.
  • Review of product data and shop drawings.
  • Provide field and in-plant inspections and field water testing.
Static Water Test
Static Water Test

If an enclosure is experiencing problems, has not been properly maintained, or has reached the end of its useful life, Heitmann & Associates, Inc. can help guide the process to rehab or reskin the facility. Typically working with an architect, HAI will:

  • Provide an investigation to determine the existing conditions on the building.
  • Run tests to assess the capacities of the existing framing and anchors to support a new system.
  • Help the architect to develop a repair approach or a reskin system concept.
  • Assist in developing the construction documents, technical specifications, and drawing details.
  • Aid in the bidding and negotiations.
  • Review shop drawings and structural calculations.
  • Oversee the mock-up submittals and testing.
  • Provide field and in-plant inspections and observe water testing.

Heitmann & Associates, Inc. provides a full range of services to the cladding system subcontractor. Many of our regular clients bring HAI their most difficult design problems and unusual geometry. Using recent versions of AutoCad, we can prepare and print drawings or using the Internet we can transmit drawings electronically. Specific services include:

  • Development of the concept design and support calculations for bid (tender) purposes.
  • Development of the cladding system design.
  • Preparation of die drawings, part drawings and shop drawings for the mock-up and project cladding systems.
  • Preparation of structural calculations for the mock-up and project cladding systems.
  • Technical assistance during the tender interview process.
  • Technical assistance with the fabrication and assembly process.
  • On-site technical assistance with the cladding system installation.

When problems occur, Heitmann & Associates, Inc. can investigate the situation and recommend the most appropriate course of action. By reviewing documentation, performing field investigations, and supervising testing, HAI's experts can determine the cause of problems, develop corrective solutions and cost estimates. If needed, HAI can also prepare bidding documents and assure the repairs are properly implemented in the field.

When developing major real estate deals, nothing can be more disconcerting than to determine after the fact that your newly acquired building has wall systems with problems. HAI's extensive experience with building enclosures can be applied to give you information on what (if any) problems already exist and what maintenance issues you will likely face in the future. Some specific services include:

  • Perform a field inspection of the existing building to determine the overall condition of the exterior enclosure by either visual inspection or by dropping the building.
  • Provide a brief report documenting what corrective action, if any, should be taken to bring the wall up to an acceptable performance level.
  • Develop estimates of the potential repairs for pricing purposes.

As one of the leading experts with building enclosure systems in the world, Heitmann & Associates, Inc. is often contacted by the legal community, insurance companies, and other private and public agencies to investigate and provide unbiased opinions about problems, issues and solutions. We regularly provide our technical expertise to determine what happened, what should be done and how much it will cost. Our specific service package in this area includes:

  • Perform a field investigative inspection and provide a verbal evaluation before any decision is made regarding our full involvement.
  • Research the materials used for the project through our extensive, private library, comprised of manufacturers' and material suppliers' literature within the industry dating back to the early 1960's.
  • Compile necessary charts or models to be used during the trial.
  • Provide expert testimony in the courtroom or at a deposition as required.

Heitmann is an approved NYC Class 1 Special Inspection Agency for TR-1 inspections of wall panels, curtain walls and veneers including EIFS in accordance with the NYC Building Code Section 1704.10 and TR-8 Inspection for energy code compliance in accordance to RCNY 5000-01.

TR-1 Inspections of selected materials, installation, methods of construction, fabrication, erection or placement of wall systems, are preformed to ensure compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards in compliance with NYC Building Code.

TR-8 Inspections of wall systems and sill foundations are performed for insulation, insulation R-values, air sealing and leakage, and thermal infestation to ensure compliance with approved construction documents, referenced standards and NYC Building Code.

With the increased emphasis on overall building energy efficiency and new LEED standards, many owners are adding the building enclosure to their commissioning programs. Many of the services we have offered over the last forty-plus years are typically requested in Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) scopes.

We feel that there needs to be an emphasis on on-going inspection and testing as enclosure systems are being installed rather than final tests once the building is finished and any problems identified will be expensive to mitigate. Our BECx services are customized to meet each specific project’s needs and can include the following:

  • Develop a Building Enclosure Commissioning (BEC) plan and integrate with the overall commissioning plan
  • Provide design reviews
  • Provide reviews of major material submittals, product data, test reports and shop drawings prepared by the Subcontractors
  • Prepare pre-functional inspection checklists and train the GC to use them.
  • Review and inspect mock-ups
  • Witness field air/water testing
  • Provide in-progress installation inspections
  • Prepare the final commissioning report
  • Prepare a maintenance program and provide operation and maintenance training
  • Witness total building fan tests
  • Infrared building scans

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